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An affordable alternative to the traditional Agent Website.

We understand that it is important to maintain a presence online. Set yourself apart from the rest with our roomvu Agent Websites.

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Listing Search

Fully compatible with your local listing database. We have gained solid approval from multiple real estate boards across Canada.

Your Very Own .com

We don't believe that maintaining an online presence should be costly at all and thus we have decided to maintain a monthly fee of only $9.99!

Customizable Branding

Our agent web profile allows for a wide degree of customizations such as uploading your very own cover photo and adding your very own marketing slogan.

Custom Email Addresses

This subscription also includes your own custom email addresses as well. e.g.

Auto Updates All Your Listings

We automatically update all of your current, previous, and brokerage listings according to the info you have on your local listing database so you don’t have to take time to update them manually.

Fully Mobile Compatible

Home buyers often visit our web profiles pages through mobile devices. Thus, we’ve worked hard so that your web profile can be browsed smoothly on any mobile devices.


All feedbacks from your clients are important to you. Thus, we have made it easy for you to add testimonials so you can establish trust with potential clients as soon as possible.

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