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Roomvu Store is a professional real estate marketing platform built specifically with agents' listing needs in mind. Our goal is to leverage technology to make high-quality marketing services more affordable for all real estate agents across Canada and The United States.

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Saskatoon Photography Company Descriptions


YXE Real Estate Photos Using professional photos to showcase your Saskatoon property, YXE Real Estate Photos has the value proposition of $199.99 for 20 photos on listings under 2,000 square feet an increase in price as the square footage goes up. Additionally, they offer a turn around time of 24 hours and a free online web gallery. However, YXE Real Estate Photos does not specify if they offer HDR photography which can have a major impact on the quality of the images. To find out if YXE Real Estate Photos offers HDR photography, further contact is required. Sask Real Estate Photos At Sask Real Estate Photos, they want to capture the best look of your home. This being the case, Sask Real Estate Photos offers the finest quality architectural images and Matterport 3D Virtual Tours. In terms of images, Sask Real Estate photos, gives clients 20-30 photographs for $130 with a guaranteed turn around time of 24 hours and complimentary photographs for the web. However, like YXE Real Estate Photos and many competitors, Sask Real Estate Photos does not offer HDR photography. But they do strive to provide clients with great customer service and overall experience. Danger Dynamite With a price point of $199.99 for 20 professional photographs on listings under 2,000 square feet, Danger Dynamite uses professional photos to showcase your Saskatoon property for real estate success in today’s super competitive real estate market. In addition, at Danger Dynamite, they believe that attractive photos will draw in more attention to not only increase your listings but to also increase potential sales. This said, Danger Dynamite also offers a 24 hour turnaround time and a free online web gallery. Although, if you are looking for HDR photography, you may need to contact Danger Dynamite for further information. Candaceepp Photography Being an international award winner based out of Saskatchewan, Candace specializes in weddings and real estate photography. That said, her photography services are $155 for listings under 2,500 square feet. Although she does not specify if she offers HDR photography nor how many photographs are included in the pricing, she does offer a 24 hour turnaround time which can be extremely detrimental in today’s fast-paced competitive environment. Tracey Lynn Photography In capturing photography for over 8 years, Tracey Lynn Photography provides basic photography packages starting at $135 for 40 photographs on listings under than 2,000 square feet. Unfortunately, with very little information on their website, further contact is required to find out more about their services and specialties. In Fine Order Real Estate Staging Services With very similar services to their competitors, In Fine Order Real Estate Staging Services offers 1,000 square feet worth of footage for $150 (price increases with square feet). In addition, they offer a 24 hour turnaround time, however, do not disclose further offerings unless contacted. On the other hand, Fine Order Real Estate Staging Services does offer great customer service, a committed team and a focus around community.

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