Why you should use videos for your real estate and How can roomvu assist you in real estate videography?

Using videos to promote your listing or real estate brand is more important than ever. Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. The good news is that video marketing is not as expensive and inconvenient as it once was. Here, we explain how you can make use of affordable services and promote your listing or your real estate brand professionally.

Real estate services vary by type. Here we briefly review the most popular video services that help you promote your real estate brand:

1. Listing Videos

You can have affordable cinematic real estate videos for all your listings. Here’s what it looks like:

With these videos you can also receive several add-on services:

a. Personalized Introduction

Make a personal appearance in your video and introduce the property to potential leads in your own style.

b. Drone Video

Showcase the gorgeous sights and vistas of the local neighborhood through an impressive aerial view.

c. 4k Video

Maximize the visual quality of your real estate video and upgrade your resolution to 4k.

d. Agent Voiceover

Be the potential buyer’s personal guide as you explain the selling points of your listing like you’re there in person.

e. Property Information Overlay

Answer many of the buyer’s questions by adding informative captions, helping them take the next step in the process.

f. Instagram Edit

We edit your video for you so that you can easily share it on Instagram, reaching more audiences.

2. Agent Intro Videos

Personalized agent videos can help you set yourself apart from the competitors. With the agent intro videos, you get to deliver your specially crafted messages in style to your ideal clients. Here’s what it would look like:

You can also choose your desired video Add-On services:

a. Advanced Custom Branding

Add advanced custom elements, such as animations & graphics, to your video to better impress your viewers.

b. In-Person Client Testimonials

Create trust with future clients by providing positive in-person/on camera feedback with past clients.

c. 4k Video

Increase the resolution of your video to provide the highest quality to your clients.

d. Additional B Roll Shots

Include more B roll shots to add more personalized elements in the video and enhances the production quality even further.

e. Advanced Lighting Setup

Incorporate studio-quality lighting to improve the overall look and feel of the video.

f. Instagram Edit

We edit your video for you so that you can easily share it on Instagram and obtain even more online exposure.

3. Automated Video Reports

Every month, based on the MLS board’s report, we create a video branded with your profile picture, brokerage, and contact information. Market report points are presented through engaging & easy-to-consume infographics and animations. You can download your profile video and share it with your network on social media or email campaigns.

You can get a free agent web profile to enhance your online presence. Just like a personal real estate website, your profile contains all the important tools that agents need for their business. You can sign up and customize your profile: upload your profile picture, include your tagline, your company logo, and much more.

4. Personal On-Camera Market Update Videos

On-camera market-update videos contain everything you need to stand out. Our in-house data-scientists prepare an exclusive & accurate market report for your specific city and area so you can lead the market by establishing your professional real estate brand:

a. On-Camera Coaching

Our expert videographers coach and direct you to present your best self on-camera.

b. Targeted Online Exposure

We promote your video & guarantee that it is viewed by at least 1,000 buyers in your local area.

c. Professionally Branded

Every video comes with customized branding based on your taste and needs.

d. Elegant Infographics

Market report points are presented through engaging & easy-to-consume infographics and animations.

With more people consuming video content, it’s best to invest in videography and promote your real estate brand with minimum cost. With roomvu’s services, everything is done for you. Sit back and watch your professional videos convert leads to your clients.

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