How Realtors Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing Strategies

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Realtors

According to the National Association of Realtors, by 2025 half of the nation will have grown up with a digital-first mindset (National Association of Realtors, Google, 2018). And in addition, there will be a 30 trillion dollar wealth transfer from the older generation to the younger generation—shifting the purchasing power of real estate.  As a result, realtors and real estate businesses are encouraged more than ever before to take advantage of digital marketing strategies. But will all the digital marketing strategies out there, which strategies should realtors focus on? 

In this article, we have pinned-down the top 5 digital real estate marketing strategies that realtors and real estate businesses should focus on to gain recognition amongst the new wave of young and tech-savvy home buyers. By incorporating these digital marketing strategies, realtors and real estate businesses can expect to target the 96% of homebuyers who use the internet to search for real estate listings. This means, more clients, more referrals and better and faster sales.

1. Create quality content for your website

The first digital strategy realtors and real estate businesses should focus on is their own website. This is because 71% of home buyers expect real estate agents to have a website and social platform (National Association of Realtors, 2017). But it isn’t just about just having a website. Rather, it is about having quality content too. This is because quality content means credibility. The more credible your content, the better Google will rank it and more your website will pop-up in related searches. And when your website is the first thing consumers are seeing when they configure a search, the more clicks your website will get and the higher your sales will be.

2. Develop an Email Campaign

The next thing realtors and real estate businesses can do to take advantage of marketing strategies is to develop an email marketing campaign. This is because buyers prefer email. In fact, more than 1 in 5 buyers or 21% of buyers prefer email communication (Zillow, 2019). This means that by targeting buyers through emails, realtors have a higher chance of following through with more leads. 

3. Have Activities on Social Media

According to Reality times, social media is becoming the most powerful marketing tool available (Reality Times, 2018). With an online-driven demographic and more than 96% of homebuyers browsing the internet before attending an open house, social media is an absolute asset  (National Association of Realtors, Google, 2018).

4. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In addition to creating quality content for your website and developing a strong email campaign to compliment it, using pay-per-click advertising will help drive leads to your website and make your website and email campaigns get even more hits. By getting exposing your self online and getting even more hits, you are sure to increase your exposure by 300% (McLoud, B, 2019). And an increased exposure by 300%? What realtor when looking to increase their client base would not like that? It almost guarantees leads driving up sales. 

5. Host Virtual Tours

With the presence of online social media, home buyers are wanting to explore the internet before attending an open house or even contacting a real estate agent. What this means is that if home buyers do not like a listing they see online, then the chances are that listing will get fewer views opposed to other listings. This is why hosting virtual tours can be an extremely effective tool to catch the eye of prospecting home buyers. This is because virtual tours are new, different, engaging and show the buyer that many different angles of the property that is not always evident from photographs and other forms of real estate marketing.




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