In our age and time of fast-changing real estate marketing technologies, capturing the most market leads that we can get extends beyond making phone calls and sending letters. Real estate lead generation ideas in recent years have become more innovative, given the recent dramatic shifts in technologies along with significant changes in customer expectations and habits.

Moving onward 2020, let’s review some of the modes which can help send your real estate lead generation to new levels this year.

Social Media Real Estate Marketing

Many real estate agents weave market success around their strong presence in social media. These online platforms offer many conduits for real estate lead generation. On Facebook, for instance, you can hold contests or promotions requiring contact details from entries or participants.

Highlight your ties with your market via ticket raffles for local events, such as concerts, cultural presentations, or sports competitions. Raffling off vouchers for popular dining destinations in your main area of business is another way of positioning yourself as a market figure in the local community. 

Making Videos

Power up your real estate lead generation through videos which teem with many possibilities that you can tailor-fit for your target market. For example, make 360 videos or drone videos of your sales listings to make them more immersive to audiences. Aside from listings, in the agent videos, you can also introduce yourself and your services as well as feature testimonials from your previous clients. Find ways to be unique. You can add more value by including some real estate stats in your video. roomvu has made it easier to promote your real estate brand using the power of data analytics. Read the step-by-step guide on using automated videos.

Live videos on either Facebook or YouTube are potent tools in real estate generation as well. While livestreaming a video, you can ask for immediate feedback and initiate a call to action (CTA) that could facilitate your access to viewers for further interaction.

Build Your Own Real Estate Agent Website

Creating a website opens a treasure trove of real estate ideas to capture market leads. Your main goal is to build a site that is not only user-friendly and of professional quality. Your website also needs to be optimized for smartphone and tablet users, because mobile optimization now ranks as one of the dominant factors on Google lead generation.

Set up the necessary lead capture tools on your website. Your choices for lead magnets include simple pop-up or sidebar CTA for social media prompts for “like” or “follow.”

If you don’t want to pay for your website, you can use roomvu’s free alternative. Just like a personal real estate website, Roomvu’s agent web profile contains all the important tools that agents need for their business. You can upload your profile picture, include your tagline, your company logo, and much more.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make use of the free profile.

Create Valuable Content

Build brand recognition and trust with potential home buyers and sellers by sharing information relevant to them. Produce and share online content and insights on such topics as neighborhood information, investment properties, market updates, and real estate industry reports. In these articles, you can include CTAs urging the readers to reach out to you for further details on your published content.

Create an Email Newsletter

Level up in your information sharing to potential leads by publishing a regular email newsletter. Build your subscriber base from email captured on your website and social media accounts. Come up with engaging content and compelling titles that prompt recipients to open the emailed newsletter.

Network with Key Persons

Partner with folks whose professions interlink with the real estate industry. These key persons include divorce lawyers, loan officers, and financial planners whose functions can lead to windows of opportunities for referrals. Further on networking, stay active in your local real estate association where members not only experience professional growth but can also explore possibilities for collaboration on generating real estate leads.

Reach Out to Expired Listings

Search the MLS for unsold properties nearing the expiry of their seller‒agent listing contract. You can also focus on older listings which draw few online views, an indication of poor marketing. Contact and offer your real estate marketing expertise to the sellers of these expiring and older listings, using online service providers like RedX and Espresso Agent. These web services can also bring real estate leads on FSBOs or properties being sold by their owners and may be convinced to avail of the services of a real estate agent for a faster, more fruitful sale.

Pay Attention to Local Sponsorship

Consider sponsoring local events that have a significant impact on the community. Doing so helps you establish a firmer local presence and attract leads to your real estate services. Prioritize those events wherein you can actively participate, get maximum exposure, meet people, and establish new contacts. Examples of these activities include bingo socials, fun runs, charity dances, and karaoke nights.

Use Lead Generation Websites

Real estate lead generation companies offer a suite of products and services that can supercharge your bid to compile the most potent real estate leads. From their offerings, you can choose those lead generation tools that suit your needs best. A leading choice, Real Geeks, for example, helps manage Facebook ads that automatically filter leads into your customer relationship manager. Another popular lead generator, BoldLeads, can supply leads based on zip codes, thereby giving agents a wide field of coverage.

roomvu can also help you with customized landing pages to capture leads such as “Property Evaluation” or “Contact us” on your customized web profile. Roomvu profile is here to help you provide value to the customers so you can convert them to clients easier. You can sign up for free and take your real estate business to the next level.

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