5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Close Sales

Top real estate agents make it a point to always differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. They are, after all, in a highly competitive industry. In one recent study, the Canadian Real Estate Association counted over 120,000+ members which nearly doubled since the year 2000.

A real estate agent today has to hatch some creative marketing ideas to win clients and close sales. Going by run-of-the-mill marketing methods just won’t cut it anymore. This said, in this article, we have listed some marketing approaches that realtors can use to boost prospecting clients, maintain relations and gain referrals. Moreover, these marketing approaches will help relators stand out of the crowd and send property buyers and sellers to ink a sales contract.


1. Utilize digital/social media 

Digital technologies today offer many creative ways to sell services, engage potential customers, interact with clients, and eventually score a sale. Social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others, are potent tools that can increasingly influence consumer habits.

Through social media, you can not only play with the power of text, words, and/or copy, but you can also inject your professional expertise in photography and videography to sharpen the impact of your messages. And in addition, with the speed and velocity of digital/social media, sharing content is easier than it has ever before and can have the potential to reach a wide-range of viewers.


2. Network both online and offline


Online platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook, provide a great resource to create and widen your network for potential clients and industry contacts. With LinkedIn, for example, the networking value comes from not only people with whom you have linked with but also from joining LinkedIn groups of relevant interest. 

Besides being online, offline, is another great way to expand your network. For instance, becoming a member of groups and sports clubs can help people get to know you. In addition, participating regularly in different activities can help you meet new people and establish friendships. These offline interactions are the key to unlocking the doors to potential clients and key industry personalities. Even volunteering in an organization of popular community activities, such as cultural events, can help widen your network. 

As you expand your network offline, it is important to ensure that any network addition also gets hooked up to your online network. As your networking increases, you can gauge your success or progress in offline and online networking through your increased number of followers, connections and/or friends you have on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social or digital media platforms.

As a final remark, make yourself easy to contact. Besides email and cell phone communication, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts are how many clients are reaching out. This said, add all your social sharing channels to your property pages.


3. Build a brand, stay consistent 

Create a brand image but stay consistent with the vision and mission statement of the brokerage company that you’re affiliated with. Your brand identity should encapsulate your expertise, your real estate market niche (if you have one) and other areas or market territories that you resonate with.

The strength of your real estate branding should likewise be based on the basic business principles: honesty, integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. This is because these principles can help to build trust and loyalty.


4. Promote new products/services 

Explore the various aspects of the real estate industry and identify those areas complementary with your brand positioning. One approach of this is to think of the upstream and downstream services involved in real estate. For example, you could arrange prospective buyers’ trial sleepovers on houses they are considering. It is ideas like this that could bring in fresh ideas on new offerings that can lead you to new consumers and clients.


5. Create a dynamic website

A website is one of the most basic, yet most important marketing tools a real estate agent can use. Yet, this medium is often underestimated and can create potential risk if left untouched after being set up. This is because clients are most likely to find you through online searches but are also less likely to contact you if they feel that your website can use some maintenance.

But in terms of having a website, it is good to show past, present and future clients you have fantastic previous work, testimonials, and solid service delivery. In addition, regularly publishing on your website can help to endorse your brand and show your personality. Some ways in which realtors are maintaining their website is through estate blogs. With real estate blogs, realtors can write and share articles with tips and tricks and other related content. In the long-run, blogging can help to engage clients and boost your reputation as a professional real estate agent.

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